Founded in 1927 by the McDonald family in Sheffield, Maxons produces all the old fashioned favourites you would expect to see in an “Old Sweet Shop” in your village. Maxons merged with Dixons and Ralph Pitchfork Ltd in the 1950s to form what we recognise today as Maxons Ltd.

Maxons is the name most synonymous with some of the iconic products still made today such as; Yorkshire Mixture, Bonfire Toffee, Rainbow Crystals, American Cream Soda sherbet, Winter Candy and Rhubarb & Custard

Today Maxons is the main brand used and produces sweets in old fashioned sweet jars, retail ready bags, Sherpots and as bulk products. Maxons is still producing some of the finest old fashioned boiled sweets, rock and sherbet on the market in the UK.

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