Charles Butler

Using recipes dating back to the 1848 we have re introduced Charles Butler to the world with new packaging for our high end artisan products which look as good as they taste.

Over the years recipes have changed due to scarcity or expense of ingredients but we have taken these sweets back to how they were first perfected by Charles himself. For example the Fruit Drops have a fruit jam centre to give a taste of fruit all the way through the sweet. The Liquorice & Blackcurrant have a liquorice (rather than plain) toffee centre and unlike many Chocolate Limes that use just cocoa powder we blend chocolate on the premisis to use as our center. This is all combined with the artisan skills of our sugar boilers to make some truly outstanding hand crafted Victorian style boiled sweets.

2018 has seen 2 more varieties added to the already popular group of products with an Assorted Toffee and a Clotted Cream Toffee recipe found and produced once more.

Perfect for gifts and for treating yourself. Why not take a trip back to Victorian England and meet Charles himself at

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